Initial Consultation

We will have a free 15 minutes chat over telephone to discuss presenting issues and arrange a first meeting.

This first meeting will last for 50 minutes. It allows time to discuss your issues and expectations and to explore whether we can work together fruitfully. 

There is no obligation to take the therapy any further. Provided you were happy to proceed we would then arrange a regular day and time to meet on an ongoing basis.

Fee: £75, payable in cash on the day. 


Time-limited Psychotherapy

Time-limited therapy, which consists up to 16 sessions, may be appropriate where there is an immediate crisis or clearly defined problem with specific goal. 

Sessions usually take place once a week, and last for 50 minutes. You will be given a schedule of your psychotherapy sessions and account can be taken of planned absences if known before therapy begins.

Fee: £70 - 80/session


Open-ended Psychotherapy

Open-ended psychotherapy allows for difficult and long-existing issues to be explored in depth and at a pace that suits you. Reoccurring difficulties in the present may have their roots in the past, and exploring them can take time.

Deciding how long to be in therapy is a personal choice and can be fully discussed in our sessions.  Sessions take place once a week, and last for 50 minutes. 

Fee: £70 - 80/session, monthly invoice will be provided on the first day of each month.